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I am investigating a network issue on Windows 7. The problem is the following. We have a machine (PC1) which has two NICs. NIC 1 is connected to our network (130.x.y.z / 23). NIC2 is connected (via a switch) to a second network (192.68.x.y / 26).
NIC2 is used for the communication between PC1 and PC2.

The problem is that once in while the IP packets destined for PC2 are sent out over NIC1 and the communication between PC1 and PC2 fails.

Question: what can cause this behavior?

The normal flow, PC1 wants to send an IP packet to the other PC (PC2): 1. If the ARP table does not contain an entry for MAC PC2 then PC1 will broadcast an ARP request, 2. PC1 receives an ARP reply from PC2 and updates it ARP table, 3. PC1 sends the IP packet to the MAC address of PC2.

Once in a while however, IP packets are not sent to the MAC address of PC2, but to the MAC address of the default gateway (on NIC1). As PC2 is not reachable from the default gateway these packets get lost. All subsequent IP packets will be sent via the NIC1. However at some (random?) point in time PC1 will switch back to the correct NIC.

Configuration: Both PCs run on Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 64 bit

PC1 / NIC1:
Intel 82579LM Gigabit IP: 130.x.y.z /23 DHCP: Yes Default gateway: 130.x.y.1

PC1 / NIC2: Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port IP: 192.68.x.y /26 DHCP: No

PC1 / NIC2: Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port IP: 192.68.x.1 /26 DHCP: No

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