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I have set up my ROR app environment on production by this link : https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-setup-a-rails-4-app-with-apache-and-passenger-on-centos-6

Now it everthing works fine as long as I am using :

RackEnv development

(search in the link) i.e in development mode.

But as soon as I change it to production

RackEnv production

I am not able to login into my application. Seems like 'devise' issue.

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How are you creating your user? seeds.rb? A migration? It's probably not instantiated in your production DB. –  tirdadc Jun 25 at 10:58
@tirdadc- yes, I am creating them through seeds.rb. If it is creating the problem can you suggest any solution. –  Tyagi Jun 25 at 11:19

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Make sure that you run:

RAILS_ENV=production rake db:seed

so that your user is present on production as well. Seeds are only meant for that initialization, so after this point you'll need to add data through migrations.

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I have created septate DB for production and follow your command, but still not able to login with my LDAP user credentials, although when I override 'valid_ldap_authentication?' function of 'devise' in my users.rb file to provide common password for all users then i can login with the common password. –  Tyagi Jun 25 at 12:33
It seems like devise have some problem as I mentioned earlier –  Tyagi Jun 25 at 12:34

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