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Using IndexedDB for a local html5 app, and specifically the YDN-DB wrapper, I often need to query a store using dynamically obtained store names. When the store does not exist, I come away with an error, and javascript execution aborts. The error looks like so:

Uncaught ydn.error.ArgumentException: Store "client_store" not found. 

Of course, I know the store does not exist, but how best can I code to 'catch' this error more elegantly? Thank you.

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The best is you can avoid dynamically changing database schema.

You can also check existence of store name by checking in schema db.getSchema().stores.contains('new store').

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Thank you @Kyaw for the answer. However, this did not help much (yet!). db.getSchema().stores returns an array of all stores, but each one is an object that you have to query for name property. Iterating through them to get if(store_exists) doesn't seem trifle. So for now, the path I've chosen is: Make sure every possible store already exists in the schema (if a script is going to ask for it) even if it isn't required yet for storage. All the same, I do appreciate your consistent support. –  Ifedi Okonkwo Jun 27 at 7:33

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