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I have dropdown which retrieve data from Dictionary(int,string):

    data-ng-options="key as value for (key,value) in model.OwnerUsers" >

model.Case.OwnerUserId is int value which i try to bind by ng-model directive and set selected value for dropdown.But dropdown left unselected. What i do wrong in this situation?

UPDATE: Part of view models data

public class CaseViewModel
    public Case Case { get; set; }

    public Dictionary<int,string> Facilities { get; set; }

    public Dictionary<int, string> OwnerUsers { get; set; }

public class Case
    public int CaseId { get; set; }

    public int ResidentId { get; set; }

    public int OwnerUserId { get; set; } ...

Sample of JS Model after serialize:

"Case": {
    "CaseId": 27,
    "ResidentId": 4478,
    "OwnerUserId": 15,
    "CreatedByUserId": 20,
    "LastUpdatedUserId": null,
    "ReceivedDate": "2014-06-23T12:49:54.713", ...

"OwnerUsers": {
    "35": "a.markov",
    "15": "a.zaharov",
    "20": "e.martynov",
    "36": "a.oryel",
    "40": "test01"
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Can you provide a sample of your model? Not with the real data but still with the properties you're describing above. – kidwon Jun 25 '14 at 11:19
I meant the js/JSON object that angular works with, not the .net backend. Something to test your angular code against. – kidwon Jun 25 '14 at 11:28
What's the browser's network say? What data is sent to the the angular model? – kidwon Jun 25 '14 at 11:37
Ok. but i use simple jQuery.parseJSON($("#modelData").val()) and model data is get from hidden field with value Html.Raw(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(Model)) – Alexey Z. Jun 25 '14 at 11:37
Nevermind just give me an example, so that I can carry on. I must somehow test your example with the structure of your model. Give me the result of console.log( jQuery.parseJSON($("#modelData").val()) ) – kidwon Jun 25 '14 at 11:39
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What you're looking for is:

data-ng-options="key for (key , value) is mymodel.Case.OwnerUsers"


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