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I'm looking for a way to give my SharePoint users a way to create new wiki pages from an existing template. In the process of researching I found a great walkthrough that seems to fit the need (, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. The problem seems to lie in the assignment of a path to PATHTOWIKI-- if I use "/Weekly Update Wiki", the script returns an error of "There is no Web named '/Weekly Update Wiki'." If I use "Weekly Update Wiki" without the forward slash, I instead get an error of "There is no Web named '/sites/[parentSite]/[childSite]/Weekly Update Wiki/Weekly Update Wiki'."

Any ideas about what I'm not understanding here?

function myCreateProject() {
    // Configure these for your environment
    // include no slashes in paths
    var PATHTOWIKI = "Weekly Update Wiki";
    var PATHTOPAGES = "Pages";
    // file name only for template page, no extension
    var TEMPLATEFILENAME = "Template";

    var myPathToWiki = encodeURIComponent(PATHTOWIKI);
    var myPathToPages = PATHTOPAGES + "%2f";
    var myTemplateFileName = encodeURIComponent(TEMPLATEFILENAME) + "%2easpx";

    var EnteredProject = document.getElementById("NewProjName");
    var myNewName = EnteredProject.value;

    if(myNewName == "") {
        alert('Please enter a name for the new project page'); 
    } else {
        myNewName = encodeURIComponent(myNewName) + "%2easpx"
            url: PATHTOWIKI + "/_vti_bin/_vti_aut/author.dll",
            data: ( "method=move+document%3a14%2e0%2e0%2e4730&service%5fname="
                + myPathToWiki +
                "&oldUrl=" + myPathToPages + myTemplateFileName +
                "&newUrl=" + myPathToPages + myNewName +
            success: function(data) {
                var rpcmsg1 = getMessage(data, "message=", "<p>");
                $("#myInfo").append("<br />" + rpcmsg1);
                if(rpcmsg1.indexOf("successfully") < 0) {
                    // get error info
                    var rpcmsg2 = getMessage(data, "msg=", "<li>");
                    $("#myInfo").append("<br />" + rpcmsg2 + "<br />");
                } else {
                    $("#myInfo").append("<br /><a href=\"/" + PATHTOWIKI + "/" + PATHTOPAGES + "/" + myNewName + "\">Go to new page</a><br />");
            type: "POST",
            beforeSend: function(XMLHttpRequest) {

Update: I figured out what needed to happen in my case. Since I couldn't get a grasp on the relative approach, I just went with the absolute path for PATHTOWIKI and slightly modified the append in the ajax call.


var PATHTOWIKI = "https://[domain]/sites/[parentSite]/[childSite]";


$("#myInfo").append("<br /><a href=\"" + PATHTOWIKI + "/" + PATHTOPAGES + "/" + myNewName + "\">Go to new page</a><br />");

The change in the latter line of code is subtle; since I used an absolute path in PATHTOWIKI, I just removed the leading forward slash in the anchor tag, so that <a href=\"/" became <a href=\"". This renders the script slightly less portable, but since it's a one-off effort I'll stick with this unless anything comes along to expand the scope.

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Is PATHTOWIKI a web site? Or document library? – Yevgeniy.Chernobrivets Jun 25 '14 at 12:12
That's a good question. I actually just figured this out and will post the revision in the original post. – AurumPotabile Jun 25 '14 at 13:26

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