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I need a tool which generates random JSON objects. I want to use this tool to do testing on my HTTP POST requests and use the random JSON object in it.

Any suggestions?

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Without knowing a bit more about exactly what you want to test, and what programming tools you are prepared to use, this question is very vague. –  spender Mar 14 '10 at 1:42

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Are you using any libraries? YUI, jQuery, Prototype? Any of these have built-in support for encoding objects into JSON strings, so what you would need is to create your function which creates your own random objects and just pass them in to their respective JSON encoding methods.

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echo '{ "/dev/urandom" : "'

echo od -An -N2 -i /dev/urandom

echo '"}'

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I'm currently looking for a script I can include into my app though.

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You (and I) are looking for something like this: http://http-request-generator.appspot.com/ But then for JSON REQUESTS instead of html querystring requests. Preferably with a random element, but able to specify certain keys.

I hope someone else answers this question, because it's a good one.

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Check out js-schema. It works like this:


It has a rich declarative language for describing constraints for the random object to be generated. For example, generating an object whose properties must be arrays, except for 'a', which must be Number:

schema.generate({a : Number, '*' : Array})
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