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I have a MVP triad WageInfo the Model, WageView the View, and WagePresenter the Presenter. WageInfo has composite object lists called List<Earning> EarningList, List<Deduction> DeductionList and List<WageBalance> WageBalanceList.

My presenter wants to show Earnings, Deductions and WageBalances in three separate DataGridViews on the View. So the presenter ask WageInfo and then WageInfo gets data from DataService and create all three lists and it'll return a WageInfo instance which contains all object lists to the presenter then the presenter choose what to show on the View as follows.

class WagePresenter
    var wageInfo = WageInfo.GetEarnings(); // return a WageInfo instance
    _View.Earnings = wageInfo.EarningList; // choose EarningList to show on the view

class WageInfo
    public List<Earning> EarningList; // composition of EarningList in WageInfo
    // Other lists

    public WageInfo()
        EarningList = new List<Earning>();
        // Instantiate other lists


    public WageInfo GetEarnings()
        this.EarningList = CreateEarningList();
        return this; // return current instance of WageInfo

    private List<Earning> CreateEarningList()
        var dataTable = _DataService.GenerateEarnings(); // DataService returns a DataTable
        return ConvertDataTableToList(dataTable); 


    private List<Earning> ConvertDataTableToList(DataTable dt)
        //Use data in the dt to create a list of Earning objects
        return list;

I just want to know whether I have broken the composition here by declaring EarningList etc. public?

If I declare EarningList private then I could have a public method in WageInfo which returns a EarningList. Is it a better way to do than declaring EarningList public?

If both options are not ok then how does my presenter show each list in separate DataGridViews?

EDIT : Class Earning looks as follows...

class Earning
    public EmployeeID {get; set;}
    public BasicSalary {get; set;}
    public OverTime {get; set;}
    public Allowance {get; set;}
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IMHO, it's fine, but I'd keep the get public and set private – AD.Net Jun 25 '14 at 13:08
Also methods are better choice especially if you have scenarios like condition based evaluation or lazy loading etc., otherwise your approach should be good enough. – Siva Gopal Jun 25 '14 at 13:17
@AD.Net, I'm using public Set here as I currently instantiate objects like this without using constructor > new Earning { EmployeeID = emp_id, BasicSalary = basic_salary,...}; Is it always bad? – CAD Jun 25 '14 at 13:17

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