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I'm programming a Java app using Nimbus look & feel. Unfortunately, the appearance of indeterminate JProgressBars of Nimbus look & feel is AWFUL (see below) :

enter image description here

On the other hand, I've noticed Netbeans with Nimbus look & feel has a different indeterminate JProgressBar style which looks much better (see below) :

enter image description here

How can I use this style in my own application?

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You can write your own Painter<JComponent>:

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.geom.*;
import java.beans.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.plaf.nimbus.*;

public final class IndeterminateStyleTest {
  private final BoundedRangeModel model = new DefaultBoundedRangeModel();
  public JComponent makeUI() {
    JProgressBar progressBar0 = new JProgressBar(model);

    UIDefaults d = new UIDefaults();
    d.put("ProgressBar[Enabled+Indeterminate].foregroundPainter", new IndeterminateRegionPainter());

    JProgressBar progressBar1 = new JProgressBar(model);
    progressBar1.putClientProperty("Nimbus.Overrides", d);


    JPanel p = new JPanel();
    p.setBorder(BorderFactory.createEmptyBorder(32, 5, 32, 5));
    return p;
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
      @Override public void run() {
  public static void createAndShowGUI() {
    try {
      for (UIManager.LookAndFeelInfo laf : UIManager.getInstalledLookAndFeels()) {
        if ("Nimbus".equals(laf.getName())) {
    } catch (ClassNotFoundException | InstantiationException |
               IllegalAccessException | UnsupportedLookAndFeelException ex) {
    JFrame f = new JFrame();
    f.getContentPane().add(new IndeterminateStyleTest().makeUI());
    f.setSize(320, 240);

class IndeterminateRegionPainter extends AbstractRegionPainter {
  // Copied from
  private Color color17 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .0f,           .0f,         .0f,       -156);
  private Color color18 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange", -.015796512f,   .02094239f, -.15294117f,   0);
  private Color color19 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange", -.004321605f,   .02094239f, -.0745098f,    0);
  private Color color20 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange", -.008021399f,   .02094239f, -.10196078f,   0);
  private Color color21 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange", -.011706904f,  -.1790576f,  -.02352941f,   0);
  private Color color22 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange", -.048691254f,   .02094239f, -.3019608f,    0);
  private Color color23 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .003940329f,  -.7375322f,   .17647058f,   0);
  private Color color24 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .005506739f,  -.46764207f,  .109803915f,  0);
  private Color color25 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .0042127445f, -.18595415f,  .04705882f,   0);
  private Color color26 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .0047626942f,  .02094239f,  .0039215684f, 0);
  private Color color27 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .0047626942f, -.15147138f,  .1607843f,    0);
  private Color color28 = decodeColor("nimbusOrange",  .010665476f,  -.27317524f,  .25098038f,   0);
  private Rectangle2D rect = new Rectangle2D.Float(0, 0, 0, 0);
  private Path2D path = new Path2D.Float();
  private PaintContext ctx = new PaintContext(new Insets(5, 5, 5, 5), new Dimension(29, 19), false);
  @Override public void doPaint(Graphics2D g, JComponent c, int width, int height, Object[] extendedCacheKeys) {
    path = decodePath1();
    rect = decodeRect3();
    rect = decodeRect4();
  @Override public PaintContext getPaintContext() {
    return ctx;
  private Path2D decodePath1() {
    path.moveTo(decodeX(0.6f), decodeY(0.12666667f));
    path.curveTo(decodeAnchorX(0.6000000238418579f, -2.0f), decodeAnchorY(0.12666666507720947f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorX(0.12666666507720947f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorY(0.6000000238418579f, -2.0f), decodeX(0.12666667f), decodeY(0.6f));
    path.curveTo(decodeAnchorX(0.12666666507720947f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorY(0.6000000238418579f, 2.0f), decodeAnchorX(0.12666666507720947f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorY(2.4000000953674316f, -2.0f), decodeX(0.12666667f), decodeY(2.4f));
    path.curveTo(decodeAnchorX(0.12666666507720947f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorY(2.4000000953674316f, 2.0f), decodeAnchorX(0.6000000238418579f, -2.0f), decodeAnchorY(2.8933334350585938f, 0.0f), decodeX(0.6f), decodeY(2.8933334f));
    path.curveTo(decodeAnchorX(0.6000000238418579f, 2.0f), decodeAnchorY(2.8933334350585938f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorX(3.0f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorY(2.8933334350585938f, 0.0f), decodeX(3.0f), decodeY(2.8933334f));
    path.lineTo(decodeX(3.0f), decodeY(2.6f));
    path.lineTo(decodeX(0.4f), decodeY(2.6f));
    path.lineTo(decodeX(0.4f), decodeY(0.4f));
    path.lineTo(decodeX(3.0f), decodeY(0.4f));
    path.lineTo(decodeX(3.0f), decodeY(0.120000005f));
    path.curveTo(decodeAnchorX(3.0f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorY(0.12000000476837158f, 0.0f), decodeAnchorX(0.6000000238418579f, 2.0f), decodeAnchorY(0.12666666507720947f, 0.0f), decodeX(0.6f), decodeY(0.12666667f));
    return path;
  private Rectangle2D decodeRect3() {
    rect.setRect(decodeX(0.4f), //x
                 decodeY(0.4f), //y
                 decodeX(3.0f) - decodeX(0.4f), //width
                 decodeY(2.6f) - decodeY(0.4f)); //height
    return rect;
  private Rectangle2D decodeRect4() {
    rect.setRect(decodeX(0.6f), //x
                 decodeY(0.6f), //y
                 decodeX(2.8f) - decodeX(0.6f), //width
                 decodeY(2.4f) - decodeY(0.6f)); //height
    return rect;
  private Paint decodeGradient5(Shape s) {
    Rectangle2D bounds = s.getBounds2D();
    float x = (float)bounds.getX();
    float y = (float)bounds.getY();
    float w = (float)bounds.getWidth();
    float h = (float)bounds.getHeight();
    return decodeGradient((0.5f * w) + x, (0.0f * h) + y, (0.5f * w) + x, (1.0f * h) + y,
                          new float[] { 0.038709678f, 0.05483871f, 0.07096774f, 0.28064516f, 0.4903226f, 0.6967742f, 0.9032258f, 0.9241935f, 0.9451613f },
                          new Color[] { color18,
                                        decodeColor(color18, color19, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color19, color20, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color20, color21, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color21, color22, 0.5f),

  private Paint decodeGradient6(Shape s) {
    Rectangle2D bounds = s.getBounds2D();
    float x = (float)bounds.getX();
    float y = (float)bounds.getY();
    float w = (float)bounds.getWidth();
    float h = (float)bounds.getHeight();
    return decodeGradient((0.5f * w) + x, (0.0f * h) + y, (0.5f * w) + x, (1.0f * h) + y,
                          new float[] { 0.038709678f, 0.061290324f, 0.08387097f, 0.27258065f, 0.46129033f, 0.4903226f, 0.5193548f, 0.71774197f, 0.91612905f, 0.92419356f, 0.93225807f },
                          new Color[] { color23,
                                        decodeColor(color23, color24, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color24, color25, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color25, color26, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color26, color27, 0.5f),
                                        decodeColor(color27, color28, 0.5f),
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I tested your code and it looks promising. Let me check it out in my application and I'll let you know if it's working. –  Seyed Mohammad Jun 26 '14 at 8:18
I checked it out and it's working like a charm! You are awesome! :) –  Seyed Mohammad Jun 26 '14 at 8:33

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