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I am trying to create a tree node data type using discriminated union.

However, the compiler is giving me a error saying “anonymous type variables are not permitted in this declaration”

What causes the error?

type TreeNode = | TreeNode of int * (Some (TreeNode)) * (Some(TreeNode))
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The problem is that Some is one of the constructors of the 'T option type (and so you can use it to create option values when writing an expression).

In the type definition of a discriminated union, you need to use the type name - if you want to have left and right branches where each of them can be missing, then the type is TreeNode option:

type TreeNode = | TreeNode of int * (TreeNode option) * (TreeNode option)

This is quite basic question, so I'd recommend looking at the F# wikibook for more information (or pretty much any F# introduction or book).

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