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I have a MySQL table in which lots of records are entered in batch. When a whole set of records is entered, I want to give each record in that set the same record set ID.
Furthermore, I would like the record set ID to always be 1 more than whatever the currently largest record set ID in the table is.

It's easy enough to figure out the max record set ID in the table, but my main concern is that if two sets of inserts are attempted on the DB at the same time, then they will both get the same max record set ID, and thus be inserted into the DB with the same record set ID, even though they are part of different record sets.

That being the case, simply grabbing the max record set ID and incrementing it by 1 seems like it could cause data integrity issues without more checks in place.

Are my concerns valid at all, or should I not worry about such a rare thing happening in the first place, and if my concerns are valid, what can I do to prevent a possible record-set-ID collision?


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You should have auto-increment in multi columns. Here is a SO question and answer similar to yours: stackoverflow.com/questions/5416548/… –  Nawed Khan Jun 25 at 13:59

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