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I have a dynamic stored procedure that includes the following input variables and Where condition with the column R.dateRec being formatted as datetime.

@rangeStart datetime,
@rangeEnd datetime

AND   R.dateRec BETWEEN ' + @rangeStart + ' AND ' + @rangeEnd + '

When I run the procedure without this condition than it works well but when adding this it returns the following error, maybe because it doesn't recognise the values as dates:

Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.

Can someone tell me how I can prevent this from happening ? The column in question only contains valid dates (no blank or NULL values).

Many thanks in advance, Tim.

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need to convert the date parameters to varchar first if it is a dynamic sql...

added quotes

{beginning of query...} + ' and R.dateRec between ''' + convert(varchar, @rangeStart, 111) + ''' and ''' + convert(varchar, @rangeEnd, 111) + ''' {continue query}'
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Thanks. It's a dynamic procedure so I cant keep it like that. –  user2571510 Jun 25 at 13:34
Thanks for the update - this works perfect ! SQL sometimes can be picky. :) –  user2571510 Jun 25 at 13:52

are you missing quotes? i.e.

   AND   R.dateRec BETWEEN ''' + @rangeStart + ''' AND ''' + @rangeEnd + '''
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Thanks. That didn't work but the solution from krawl resolved it. –  user2571510 Jun 25 at 13:53

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