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I have a crazy problem, that I don't understand.

When I build and run my app for my device it's work probably. But I wanted to upload a new update with just a few changes.

I ran into one error saying:

Could not build module 'AVFoundation'

It's implemented like this:

#import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>

My Deployment Target is iOS 7.0 and my base sdk is iOS 7.1. When I change the Deployment Target to iOS 7.1 it's working?! Why? Also when I remove arm64 from the architectures it's working.

What should I do? I don't want to set the deployment target so high :/

Hope you guys have some clues.

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany, Chris

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Hi @Christian Pappenberger: Have u found any solution for this.Am getting same issue while am archiving in xcode 6 with ios 8.1.. –  sabir Mar 23 at 14:26

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I got same problem but was able to solve it :

  1. Just Clear The Derived Data contents(deleting contents from Xcode Derived data folder ) From Xcode.

  2. Quit and Restart XCode.

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Hi @Dheeraj Singh : i have tried above solution but its not working for me –  sabir Mar 23 at 14:30
@sabir what error are u getting ? The error same above .Can u tell in more detail. –  Dheeraj Singh Mar 24 at 4:05

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