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I have some problem. When I send get-request(from android app and from browser), my server response to me 403-error. What things I do wrong?

        urlConnection = (HttpsURLConnection) url.openConnection();

        urlConnection.setConnectTimeout(CONNECT_TIMEOUT / 2);

        int respCode = urlConnection.getResponseCode();
        if (respCode >= 400) {
            if (respCode == 404 || respCode == 410) {
                throw new FileNotFoundException(url.toString());
            } else {
                throw new java.io.IOException(
                    "Server returned HTTP"
                    + " response code: " + respCode
                    + " for URL: " + url.toString());

        BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(
                urlConnection.getInputStream()), 1000);

Method trustAllHosts() need for SSL options.

Thank you. Best regars, p.p.

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If you also get the 403 if you try it with the browser, there's nothing really wrong with your code, you probably access the wrong URL or need to add credentials. Try to add more information to your question, or we can't really help you. –  tknell Jun 25 at 13:54
@tknell I am don't development server-side. It's my second problem :) –  garry dvaraza Jun 26 at 5:35
May be run this request in not-main thread? @tknell –  garry dvaraza Jun 26 at 7:14

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