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I have a application server running and I have attached JProfiler jagent to the server so that I can connect a JProfiler GUI and observe the performance. I have added the following to the JVM parameter list


However, when I start my glassfish server, I cannot attach the Jprofiler UI to it. It gives error "Could not connect to :8849. Please make sure that the remote address is correct." The remote ip is indeed correct. How do I know that the application server started with the JVM parameters I mentioned? Is there a way to confirm this?

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You should see in log file startup command with additional parameters you provided, how do you start glassfish ? –  xwid Jun 25 at 13:54

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In general, look at the stderr output of your application server. There have to be some lines prefixed with JProfiler>. If not, the -agentpath VM parameter was not passed to the JVM.

In your specific case, you don't have the "nowait" option appended. This means that the JVM will wait at startup for a connection from the JProfiler GUI. If the application server responds to HTTP requests without that a JProfiler GUI has connected at all, the -agentpath VM parameter was definitely not passed to the JVM.

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