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I'm with Rails 4 I've a huge database and I need to remove all the varchar size limit.

I'm using

change_column :table, :column, :string, :limit => nil

And it's working well.

But it is possible, from the migration, to make automatically this operation for all the string fields of the database, in a loop?


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models = ["User", "Item"]

models.each do |model|

  model.columns.each do |col|
    if col.type == :string
      change_column eval(model).table_name.to_sym , col.name.to_sym, :string, :limit => nil

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I edited to give you an example. It can run as a single migration –  Rafal Jun 25 at 14:45
I don't think a need to add/remove anything. Just a change_column will be ok. My problem is the database is realy huge and I wanted to automate the process for all the string field. –  Yoann Augen Jun 25 at 14:48
ok, so you could do Model.columns.each and look for :string type –  Rafal Jun 25 at 14:52
You can use Model.table_name to get the name of the table. –  Rafal Jun 25 at 14:56
I edited the answer with a possible solution ... didnt test it –  Rafal Jun 25 at 14:59

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