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I have a php page receiving encoded string with hex values and then with some decoding method get the id from database. i.e. - this encoded value - 70de63286c26d58f0a9ea5a736447910ee1 becomes this id - 36395756.

Is there an option to figure out which encoding method is being used?


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That string looks like a hash, not something that was encoded. – cOle2 Jun 25 '14 at 15:35
So there is no way to reverse that hash? I believe this is king of conversion to HEX of the number. – eladelad Jun 26 '14 at 8:20
Hashes are not reversible, so if it is a hash then no. Are you sure it's actually that id? It could just be a GUID used in place of an ID in which case the only place it will match is in the database. – cOle2 Jun 26 '14 at 14:30

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