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I saw many answers for Could not load plugins:File not found. but it's bit different.

I am using jwplayer for my rails app and i am playing videos in bootstrap modal.

After page load if i click video to play in bootstrap it is raising above error after closing that modal and again i clicked the same video it is playing video now(My page not refreshed).

I tried again after refreshing my page but for first time again same problem.

Tried with two browsers same issue.

$('.playuservideo').click(function() {
   var videopath=$(this).data('videopath');
   jwplayer('myElement').setup({'flashplayer': "/assets/flash.swf", 'id': 'playerID', 'width': '540','height': '360', 'file': videopath });
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Please provide a link :-) –  Ethan JWPlayer Jun 25 at 16:10
i am testing on my local server –  santosh Jun 26 at 6:28
You need to put something up if you are seeking support. We can't guess. –  Ethan JWPlayer Jun 26 at 16:17
hi thanks for your reply, I added thin server to my gem file,it resolved the issue may be processing with webrick is issue –  santosh Jun 30 at 8:03
Glad you got it solved! :-) –  Ethan JWPlayer Jun 30 at 13:30

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