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I want the ability for my mobile apps to display a custom message in a situation where my entire API is unavailable (e.g. hosting provider outage). So ideally this is something that lives outside of my regular hosting provider, but I think it should be as simple as an API that my clients try to reach if they can't reach their APIs (but appear to be online). Is it necessary to have a second hosting provider just for this situation, or is there a lightweight third party API doing something like this already?

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Try this website pingdom.com you can do alerting end points and your app could potentially check your API status every few seconds or so.

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I'm familiar with pingdom, and I know it supports web hooks that it can call when my API is down. But I don't see a feature related to what I mention in my question. –  thejav Jun 25 '14 at 16:50

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