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How can I convert a XmlDocument to a XLANGMessage type?
I have tried with below method, Below two methods throws error : "Cannot Implicitly convert XmlDocument to XLangMessage...

Any other thoughts, please share.


public XLANGMessage convertToXlandMsgFromXml(XmlDocument tempInput)
    XLANGMessage sampleOutput;            
    XLANGMessage sampleOutput = tempInput;            


public class FileStreamFactory : IStreamFactory
    string _fname;

    public FileStreamFactory(string fname)
        _fname = fname;

    public Stream CreateStream()
        return new FileStream

    public static void AssignStreamFactoryToPart(XLANGMessage msg)
        IStreamFactory sf = new FileStreamFactory( @"c:\\data.xml" );
        msg[0].LoadFrom( sf );
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You should check this link (last part):

Create a custom type e.g. CustomBTXMessage

    public sealed class CustomBTXMessage : BTXMessage
        public CustomBTXMessage(string messageName, Context context)
            : base(messageName, context)

Then you can - create a object from that type and load your xml into the body part.

var customBTXMessage = new CustomBTXMessage("XLANGMessage", Service.RootService.XlangStore.OwningContext);
customBTXMessage.AddPart(string.Empty, "Body");

I would load the xml document in as stream and than you could load the body part from that stream


this part of code will return you a XLANGMessage

 var responseMessage = customBTXMessage.GetMessageWrapperForUserCode();

Good luck.


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YES!! Thank you, Jonathan! :) – Mathieu May 19 '15 at 7:00

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