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public class Item

public class Order
    public List<Item> Items

public class Customer
    public List<Order> Orders

Now, using LINQ I need to get all items that a customer bought. How can I?

I tried something like var items = from o in cust.Orders select o.Items; but result is IEnuberable<List<Item>> and I wanna just one IEnumerable<Item>.

I'm asking here to try to avoid coding 2 loops.

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You need SelectMany, which is represented in query expressions as second (and subsequent) from clauses:

var items = from order in customer.Orders
            from item in order.Items
            select item;

Alternatively, to ignore query expressions:

var items = customer.Orders.SelectMany(order => order.Items);
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SelectMany is nice! :-) – Rune Grimstad Feb 27 '09 at 9:54

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