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Created a Partial View _AvailableOptions.cshtml and View CustomProducts.cshtml. Now based on values of the the Model, CustomProducts.cshtml we may or may not load/show _AvailableOptions.cshtml. If loading then partial view must be render based on the input ProductID to show similar options dynamically

if(ProductId != 0)
   @Html.Partial("_AvailableOptions", SimilarProducts)

How to get the SimilarProducts Model from Server . Input parameter is ProductId to load the model.

Sorry for my English.

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you need your view model to store SimilarProducts.

So in your controller you would have

if(ProductId != 0)
      ViewModel.SimilarProducts = //Some service method that loads products

then in your view you would simply do

if(ProductId != 0)
   @Html.Partial("_AvailableOptions", model.SimilarProducts)
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I'm looking for a shared partial view only and get results during runtime..Actually to make things simple I have one if condition..but there are many parameters right device type also. I just need a solution to call and then load the partial view..One option is making Ajax call..but looking for a better solution – Nash Jun 25 '14 at 18:24

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