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I have a WebApi (v2) which calls another web service. The other web service (which is out of my control) sends a Set-Cookie header in the login response. Of course, after this, every time I make a call from the WebApi, it is attaching that cookie to the request. I need to intercept this and strip the cookie from the request. I attempted doing this using


but it seems that I may be misplacing it. Currently, I set this in the WebApi controller immediately after receiving the response from the other web service. I feel like I may need to use attributes or global.asax to interrupt the pipeline, but I'm just not sure how to go about it.

Update: I tried the answer in this SO question. I am not seeing the cookie that I'm looking for in Context.Request.Cookies. I checked Application_BeginRequest, Application_AuthenticateRequest, and Application_EndRequest to no avail. Looking in Fiddler, the cookie is definitely being attached to the request (See attached picture.)

Fiddler Request Cookie Image

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