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to explain my issue I will present a scenario.

2 different sikuli files (or scripts) lets call them fileA and fileB. fileB is inside fileA so fileA can call methods from fileB.


in fileA I have a linear progression of commands something like this


in fileB I Have

def methodOfSomeSort():
    do some stuff blah blah

I want fileA to wait until fileB is done executing it's methodOfSomeSort before it goes to the next line of code. normally fileA executes the method from fileB and then imidietly moves to the next line of code while fileB is still executing it's method. is there any way to make fileA wait till fileB's method is done.

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Cheap and dirty: use the filesystem for IPC. Delete the file tmpfilename.tmp in A (if it exists), create tmpfilename.tmp in B, and spinlock on the existence of tmpfilename.tmp in A. –  spearson Jun 30 '14 at 7:06

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