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I need to rearrange some files according to same style. There are many "getters and setters" in random places. I want to move them to the bottom of file and sort by name. Is any plugin or something to do this?

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Intellij gives you the option to automatically rearrange your code in the way that you prefer.

You can first go to Settings->Code Style->Java to choose the format of your code, and after that just hit Code->Rearrange Code.

For more information check these:

Rearrange code Official docs

Rearrange you code

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I think the fastest way is to drag the methods in the outline section of eclipse

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Can also right click > sort members – Clarkey Dec 15 '14 at 15:11

If they are simple getters and setters, then you can delete the ones you have right now and then recreate them by groups.

So, after you delete them, place caret below all class members and press Alt + Insert on your keyboard, then choose Getter and Setter and then select member you want to create in the first batch. After that, place the caret to the end of a file and repeat the steps.

This is how I do in cases when I have pure getters and setters.

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