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I need put one bitmap image to my directshow filter. Then user can use this bitmap image and do not care where is it.

First, I import this bitmap file into resource bundle, and get one IDB_BITMAP1.

Then, I need to read this IDB_BITMAP1 using opencv cvLoadImage or some windows image API to load this image into buffer.

So question is how to do this ?

Or is that possible ?


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I never tried it myself, but I believe you can use Loadbitmap and GetBitmapBits to do this:

GetBitmapBits(hBitmap, size, pBits);
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I don't know OpenCV, but the Win32 APIs LoadImage() can load from resources as well. E.g.:

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yeah, I guess so. –  Forrest Mar 15 '10 at 4:57

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