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i'm currently looking for a new hosting solution for my photo community. The users of this community can upload their photos and share them with others.

Right now, it's hostet on a dedicated server and the photos are stored twice, on the server and in addition to that on Amazon S3.

Because the Server is quite expensive (100€/Month), i'm looking for a more affordable solution.

If i deliver the photos through Amazon S3 instead of my dedicated Server, i'm getting about 30$/Month Bill from Amazon (round about 200GB transfered Data).

Right now, i store about 40GB of Photos. But the community is growing, so i'm looking for an extensible solution.

So i thought: what about Google Drive for the Photos? With 10$/1TB/Month it's very cheap compared to other Hosts. I've done some research, but haven't found out yet, if there is any limitation regarding PUT/GET Requests and API Calls (when the user uploads a photo). I have a maximum of 1000 API Calls a day (user uploads) but a lot of get-requests for downloading and displaying the photos (AmazonS3 counts 11 million GET's a month)

Do you think, googledrive is suitable for my needs? Or do you have other (cheap) solutions, for hosting the photos of my community, with an API to enable remote-uploading (php)?

best regards!

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I use Dropbox (which has a pulic folder) and PhotoBucket. Both of them allow remote linking, and pretty good bandwidth allowance. I have an enitire 500mb DVD ISO hosted on DropBox. –  durbnpoisn Jun 25 at 19:27
Do you know, how many downloads / GET-Requests you have in one day? I was also considering dropbox, but it quite expensive compared to Googledrive at the moment –  Serio Uno Jun 27 at 23:49

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