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I just updated to latest nightly of rust:

> rustc --version
rustc 0.11.0-pre-nightly (05ca9f7 2014-06-24 22:06:48 +0000)
host: x86_64-apple-darwin

After that even the trivial program doesn't compile with the following error:

> cat main.rs

fn main() {
    print!("Hello world");

> rustc main.rs 
main.rs:1:1: 1:1 error: can't find crate for `std`
main.rs:1 // Playground
error: aborting due to previous error

Is it some compiler bug in nightly or I didn't grasp some core idea in the language?

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I know nothing of rust, but nightlies are usually far more risky, and if "trivial" code no longer compiles, a bug in the nightly seems exceedingly likely. –  Mooing Duck Jun 25 at 19:50
@MooingDuck Nightlies are usually not bad with rust, this is a rare exception. Try one more time with a different nightly. If this still doesn't work, it may mean deeper problems –  picklebobdogflog Jun 25 at 20:03
FWIW, I'm on Linux (same compiler version) and it worked just fine. Maybe this is osx-specific –  Renato Zannon Jun 25 at 21:05
how do you downgrade to an earlier nightly? –  p.a. Jun 25 at 21:07

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It turned out that if you're upgrading from "semi-stable" version installed with Homebrew, you should first uninstall homebrew version, and only after that install nightly.

Otherwise you'll face the problems that are described in question: missing system libraries, etc, as rust libraries doesn't use versioning and located in the same place.

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That was exactly my problem –  talles Sep 6 at 13:57

In general, this means that there are multiple versions of the standard library lying around. Try reinstalling, or uninstalling and then installing again, to clear it up.

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