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I'm using HttpURLConnection on Android KitKat to POST some data to a server. The server takes a long time to respond, and the connection is silently retrying 1 to 3 times before timing out. I don't want it to retry, since the server acts on all of the requests, resulting in Bad Things(TM).

I've tried System.setProperty("http.keepAlive", "false") before opening the connection, but that doesn't help.

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Have you tried setReadTimeout? If server response takes long but doesn't send any package til then, it could probably work. –  hgoebl Jun 25 at 20:29
Already using setReadTimeout(). –  Erik Browne Jun 26 at 20:03
Are you sure your using the native HttpURLConnection and not a custom implementation like okhttp or Volley? AFAIK the stock implementation does not retry on SocketTimeoutExceptions. –  Jeff Mixon Nov 12 at 23:15
The native HttpURLConnection is okhttp, which is the problem. –  Erik Browne Nov 14 at 0:38

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  • Implement a hard timeout yourself, and force close the HttpURLConnection by calling disconnect. This can be done from your Activity using android handler; If you use AsyncTask, you can simply call cancel or Thread.interrupt():

    new Handler().postDelayed(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
    }, timeout * 1000); 

    And in your httpUrlConnTask, call disconnect:

    if (isCancelled()) {

    You may have to do urlConnection in another internal child thread so you can do a while loop in asynctask monitoring for isCancelled. And a try..catch so you can close all the streams properly.

  • you already have keepAlive false, and readTimeout, consider adding connection timeout too. This will set the socket timeout.

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can you please post entire code im new to Handler, and suggest when to use Handler and AsyncTask –  LMK Nov 11 at 6:32

You need to set sun.net.http.retryPost to false.

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Set the timeout on your HttpURLConnection. You must have written some code in to retry otherwise default implementation will not retry a connection.

HttpURLConnection connection = openConnection(parsedUrl, request);

private HttpURLConnection openConnection(URL url, Request<?> request)
            throws IOException {
        HttpURLConnection connection = createConnection(url);

        int timeoutMs = request.getTimeoutMs();

        // use caller-provided custom SslSocketFactory, if any, for HTTPS
        if ("https".equals(url.getProtocol()) && mSslSocketFactory != null) {
            ((HttpsURLConnection) connection)

        return connection;
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This answer is not correct. There is indeed an automatic retry. See this bug report: "If a HttpURLConnection is using either fixed content length or chunked transfer to POST request body and for some reason the OutputStream throws an IOException while writing the output data, a subsequent call to getResponseCode or getInputStream will resend the POST request headers initiating a new connection to the server." –  EJP 16 hours ago

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