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I'm trying to write attribute directive that wraps element and decorates it with some other things along with additional directives. And I need to keep content inside the element intact. Something like this:

app.controller 'myCtrl', ($scope)->
  $scope.name = "Gwendolyn"

app.directive 'niceName',($compile)->
  restrict: 'A'
  replace: yes
  scope: niceName:"="
  template: (element, attrs)->
           <div style='background:lightgray'> 

  controller: ($scope, $element)->
    $scope.$watch 'hover',->
      $scope.nice = if $scope.hover then $scope.niceName else ''

  compile:(element, attrs)->
     element.attr('ng-mouseover',"hover = true")
     element.attr('ng-mouseout',"hover = false")
     element.removeAttr('nice-name') # removing itself to avoid from falling into infinite loop

     pre:(scope, iElement, iAttrs)->


<div nice-name="uglyname">

Now that thing doesn't work at all, it won't render h2 part because now uglyname is unknown to the current scope. I can compile it with passing the parent scope, but then it totally breaks my controller. (see jsbin below) So somehow I have to compile content of the element applying parent scope, add it to the template and then compile again applying local scope? Or I need to find a way to inherit properties of parent scope? Or I can't do it with attribute directive? Maybe I need to use element directive and transclusion? Any ideas?


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i would do what @marfarma suggested as well as change you html to not include the brackets so:

 scope: { niceName: "="},


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Ah, yes. The attribute markup is wrong too. Good catch –  marfarma Jun 25 '14 at 21:33
With fixing that I have new problems... can you check updated question? –  Agzam Jun 25 '14 at 21:53

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