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I have an application that normally runs after a build event we've created. In this build event we do two things; First, we move all the referenced assemblies into a lib folder so we can keep the bin folder clean. Second, we copy two different versions of another application (App2) into another subfolder in bin. After our build event, the bin folder looks something like this:

  • [MyApplication]
    • [bin]
      • [App2]
        • [v1]
          • [bin]
          • *.dll's
          • App2.exe
        • [v2]
      • [lib]
        • *.dll's
      • MyApplication.exe

Now that we've published our application with ClickOnce, we realize that our build event won't do the job we need.

So my question is two fold:

Is there a way you can move files when the application get's installed? and
Can you include generated folders to be published with your app?

I've already taken a look at the answer to Including a folder in a ClickOnce Application and there's a good article on the msdn blog on Publishing files not included in your project but the problem with these solutions is that files are generated. The dll's I copy into the lib folder are referenced dll's and the App2 files are also apart of a different project that is being developed, and those files cannot be added to our solution.

I've been searching for a while now for a solution, but I can't seem to find a solution that would work. It might be better to ditch ClickOnce in favor of NSIS, but I really like the convenience that ClickOnce provides us to push updates to our application.

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