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I am trying to parse a website to obtain aeronautical information. Here is the link to the website


The problem is the script shows only the first 20 entries ( a single pages worth) from the the entire result set (38) and I am unable to iterate through others pages, as the next url doesn't have any page information. here is my code:

$DOM = new DOMDocument();

$selector = new DOMXPath($DOM);
$elements = $selector->query('//td[@headers="notam"]'); 

if (!is_null($elements)) {
  foreach ($elements as $element) {
    echo "<br/>";//[". $element->nodeName. "]";
    $nodes = $element->childNodes;
    foreach ($nodes as $node) {
       $display = $node->nodeValue;
    if($display <> NULL){
            echo $node->nodeValue. "<br>";
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I can't really see the problem with iterating in the collection... If you add page=x in the query string, it will definitely work. Could you give us some more details?

Example page 1 Example page 2 (with ...?page=2..., the rest of the url does not change)

As seen in example 1, you can use page=1 in your first url, which makes your code even easier.

Depending on your service requirements, I would also consider using Kimonolabs website to api service, so you would end up querying a simple json api, using a library such as Guzzle to make your code maintainable and easy to read.

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Thanks!!! as always the answer was easier than I thought... and thanks for the kimono tip... it seems a great tool... –  Alvaro Valenzuela Jun 26 at 14:09

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