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Need help with some regex. I'd like to match everything within a given string of HTML that matches the pattern \*[a-z0-9\_]+\* that does not fall in between <script> start and end tags. I know this has something to do with lookarounds, but I haven't a clue how to get there.

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what language are you using? –  Fede Jun 25 at 23:12
Ruby, but I'm trying to do it in pure regex. –  kdeisz Jun 25 at 23:13
May this work... it's just an idea: [^s][^c][^r][^i][^p][^t]*[a-z0-9_]+* –  Fede Jun 25 at 23:15
Easy way - strip out script first. –  sln Jun 25 at 23:19
That wouldn't work at all? That would match anything that has 6 characters that don't spell script before a match. –  kdeisz Jun 25 at 23:19

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(Disclaimer) No. 1 rule, don't use regex to parse html.

You have to match script tags to avoid them.
The answer is in group 1, check for length, then its valid.

    # <script>.*?</script>|(\*[a-z0-9_]+\*)

    <script> .*? </script>
    ( \* [a-z0-9_]+ \* )               # (1)
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Using regex lookaround. You can use:


That will match your regex only if it is not preceded and postceded by script

enter image description here

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Right... but what if there's a lot of javascript within the script tags? –  kdeisz Jun 25 at 23:26
@kdeisz have you tried that? It is what you asked for, btw could you update the question with some sample data I'd like to help you with accuracy –  Fede Jun 25 at 23:36
@kdeisz what this regex does is to match the content that don't fall inside <script> –  Fede Jun 25 at 23:39
This regex does not work if you have something like <script type='text/javascript'>var a = *abc*;</script> –  kdeisz Jun 26 at 13:22
@kdeisz you just have to remove the ">" from the first <script>. Since you haven't provided a sample I based on the common example, I'd be glad to help you accurately but need sample data. –  Fede Jun 26 at 15:07

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