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I ran generate scaffold and 12 records on my view were filled with 'MyString' data. How can stop the generator from auto populating my records?

ID Account Name Created At 1 MyString 2 MyString 3 MyString 4 MyString ... 12 MyString

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That's not a behavior you would normally see. Can you give an example of how you encountered this result? What generator command did you run? What do the resulting migration/model/controller/view look like? In which file did these unexpected strings appear? –  Jonah Jun 25 at 23:22
@Jonah, The command used was 'rails g scaffold BenefitPlans benefit_id:integer name:string description:text --skip-stylesheets'. 12 records in each model appear after I run migrate. –  user3777266 Jun 25 at 23:34
I can't answer this without more information. As I guess I would look into if you loaded test fixtures into your development database but that's pure speculation. Please update your question to hopefully get a more precise answer. –  Jonah Jun 26 at 0:04

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