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I am having the dream to design a Mobile cross-platform scripting solution to achieve Developer only need to code once by scripting language(it's possible be Javascript or others need further investigation), then the solution will be able to generate the installation files for multiple mobile platforms like J2me, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile/Phone, iPhone, etc.

Using the scripting language, developer can code with unified platform API.
And other extension frameworks under scripting language, like,
1. 2D UI framework
Most probably using for Mobile Applications, the UI style will compete with native UI framework and no longer every application in particular platform looks similar.

2. 3D UI framework
Provide the platforms who has 3D capability can represent their Mobile Application with more fashion 3D style which will be much more abstractive.

3. Variable game engine
Developers can can use it for easily and high-quality build games.

4. etc

This Mobile solution is providing three points,
1. Cross-Platform
2. Scripting
3. Middleware

So guys, what do you think about this idea,
is it good for Developers?
is it profitable?
where is the better direction for this idea?
or it's no future by html5's coming?

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Indeed. Check out PhoneGap.

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Titanium is also cross-platform.

You might want to check this question out as well to get a better feel for cross-platform development tools: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/51988/what-work-has-been-done-on-cross-platform-mobile-development

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