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I have a parent class with @Version on an attribute "lastUpdate" for concurrency checking. This parent class has a @OneToMany relationship and when I update its children I would like to update the field "lastUpdate" by itself such as happens when I update other fields.

In JPA there is @OptmisticLocking(cascade = true) to do this operation, but I couldn't find a similar option for Ebean ORM in Play2.

Important: There is no CascadeType between the classes.


public class Child extends Model {
  public Parent parent;

public class Parent extends Model {
  public Date lastUpdate;

  @OneToMany(mappedBy = "parent")
  public List<Child> children = new ArrayList<Child>();

public class Application extends Controller {
  public void updateChild(Parent p, Child c) {
    c.save(); // or c.update()
    p.children.set(c); // imagine a real code here updating, adding or removing a child.


You can find similar question here: Version of parent object is not incremented if one-to-many relationship of the parent object is modified

Thanks a lot... =)

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Logged as https://github.com/ebean-orm/avaje-ebeanorm/issues/155

Will be supported in 4.1.1 with markAsDirty() method.

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