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It seems when I add the dependency for the spring-hateoas


The Class below is no longer available on the classpath


I have tried to exclude various dependencies for the spring-hateoas but the APP no longer runs.

Has anyone had any luck running spring-hateoas within spring boot.

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Absolutely no problem whatsoever. The @RestController annotation is still available and you shouldn't need to do any exclusion.

In case it helps, I'm currently using version 1.0.2 of Spring Boot:


spring-boot-starter-web provides the @RestController:


I don't define an explicit version for spring-hateoas in my pom.xml, but my build is pulling in 0.9.0.RELEASE:


As a side note, I can see from the Eclipse POM editor, that Spring HATEOAS is defining dependencies on Spring 3.2.7. However the spring-boot-starter-parent project manages the versions up to 4.0.3. Can you see what version of Spring you are getting? Have you perhaps not used the spring-boot-parent as a parent project?

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