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I want to break a string into two lines, but the line should not break into two, at the half of a word. How can I do this?

The string format is like this:

var words="value.eight.seven.six.five.four.three"

Expected output is:


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what is your expected O/P..? What do you mean by two lines..? want to store the split values into two variables.. –  Rajaprabhu Aravindasamy Jun 26 at 5:12
you want to break string but still don't want to break in two. It is little confusing. Is it that you want to break it in two halfs but words should not break? –  Bhushan Kawadkar Jun 26 at 5:13
you have to be more specific. what is the point at which you want to break the string?? –  aradhna Jun 26 at 5:15
Check this out: stackoverflow.com/questions/14484787/wrap-text-in-javascript It is similar to your issue, just need to change the identifier to break the line accordingly. –  ak0053792 Jun 26 at 5:15
@ Bhushan Kawadkar:i mean the line should not break at middle of "seven", or "six", means it should break after the third word or the fourth word –  Krishna Jun 26 at 5:16

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Try this:

    var words="value.eight.seven.six.five.four.three"
    var wordsArr = words.split(".");
    var line1 = wordsArr.slice(0,Math.floor(wordsArr.length/2)).join("."); 
    var line2 = wordsArr.slice(Math.floor(wordsArr.length/2)).join(".");

Here is the working fiddle:


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var words = "value.eight.seven.six.five.four.three";
var splitted = words.split('.');
var index = splitted.length / 2;  
var val1 = splitted.slice(0, index).join('.') + ".";
var val2 = splitted.slice(index, splitted.length).join('.');


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@Rajapraphu : out Of Topic .. check mail da –  Bala Oct 10 at 12:49

you do the following-->

var words = "value.eight.seven.six.five.four.three";
var all = words.split(".");
var new="";  //empty string

for(var i=0;i<all.length;i++){
new=new+all[i]+".";  //add each word and the .
new=new+"\n"; //add a \n after the third word

the new var will have your new string. hope this helps.

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try this

var words = "value.eight.seven.six.five.four.three";

var all = words.split(".");
var half=all.length/2;
var first = all.slice(0, half).join();
var second = all.slice(half, all.length).join();


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It will work only for the provided string, it's not a general answer, and I think OP is looking for a general solution which will work on any string. –  Chankey Pathak Jun 26 at 5:24
@balachandran - OP ask to break the line you just splited –  JqueryKing Jun 26 at 5:24
@ChankeyPathak .thanks for commending now i updated my post –  Bala Jun 26 at 5:28
this edited answer is look like Rajaprabhu posted. Mahana inaki ne maatinada –  JqueryKing Jun 26 at 5:28

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