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In download page of Jetbrains website there is no download option for linux. I googled for "jetbrains appcode IDE on Linux". some peoples say "it's crossplatform".
Is it possible to run jetbrains appcode IDE on Linux?
I can't run it on linux(Ubuntu/Debian)

I mentioned that C++ IDE Features of Appcode is needed. If iOS features not working, there is no problem.

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In case you hadn't seen it, JetBrains' C/C++ IDE is now out: jetbrains.com/clion –  Noah Dec 8 '14 at 3:27

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AppCode requires Xcode, which requires OS X.

Any workarounds to get Xcode installed and running on Linux violate Apple's Terms of Use, and getting AppCode to install on Linux is likely a violation of JetBrains' licensing agreement.

AppCode does support C++, but the JetBrains C++ IDE is not yet out.

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