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I'm using postgresql 9.1 and wish to select a single record from table. Details are as below :

table name : muser

fields present in table : userid,username,firstname,lastname,phonenumber and mailid

fields to be selected : userid, mailid, phonenumber

request parameter : mailid and phonenumber

conditions should be satisfied:

  1. display a record when both are present

  2. display a record when only mailid is present

  3. display a record when only phonenumber is present.

expected output:

single record (as userid is unique) with userid, phonenumber and mailid

both or any one if present.

i have tried the query as :

SELECT userid, mailid, phonenumber 
FROM muser 
WHERE phonenumber = ? OR mailid = ?

It's working fine for first two conditions but not working for last condition..When i fire query for last condition it gives all records present in query.Why so? Is their any changes in query? or anything else

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What do you mean by last condition? I see only 2 where clause elements in the query you supplied. –  Ken Hampson Jun 26 at 5:39
i meant when i put only mailid and phonenumber is not present then i got all records present in table –  user3129056 Jun 26 at 5:42
i required only a single query that should check that is their a record in table that contains phonenumber provided by request or mailid provided by request or a record with both phno and mailid present in table?? –  user3129056 Jun 26 at 5:45
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Assuming that when you mean "not present", mailid or phonenumber will be NULL in database,

SELECT userid, mailid, phonenumber 
FROM muser 
WHERE (phonenumber = ? AND (mailid IS NULL OR mailid = ''))
OR ((phonenumber IS NULL OR phonenumber = '') AND mailid = ?)
OR (phonenumber = ? AND mailid = ?)
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thanks for reply but it's not working –  user3129056 Jun 26 at 5:56
can you give some more information? E.g., when mailed not present is it actually NULL or blank? –  hashbrown Jun 26 at 5:57
When mailid is not present.It may be blank –  user3129056 Jun 26 at 6:01
added empty string check as well, try now –  hashbrown Jun 26 at 6:08
I don't have access to a database right now, neither I could locate any syntax error there. Conceptually the solution should be like above. But you need to try and resolve any syntax error etc. –  hashbrown Jun 26 at 6:16
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When I'm dealing with filter where the value can be any including null I'll try add coalesce()

SELECT userid, mailid, phonenumber 
FROM muser 
WHERE coalesce(phonenumber,'no data') = coalesce(?,'no data') 
OR coalesce(mailid,'no data') = coalesce(?, 'no data');
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