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I don't know the exact words to describe this behavior in the following pages: http://kyanmedia.com/ and http://www.jayhollywood.com.au/. When you hover the pictures (thumbnails). A text shows up smoothly. Is this a jquery plugin or just CSS?

How to reproduce that behavior/effect?

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Check it out on CSS-tricks:





It uses two DIV's placed on top of each other. Then when you hover, it will animate the background-position property of the "garage-door" div. The garage-door is transparent below it's "door" graphics, such that you can view the layer below.
This particular implementation uses JQuery:

        .animate({backgroundPosition: '(0px -100px)'}, 500 );
}, function() {
        .animate({backgroundPosition: '(0px 0px)'}, 500 );
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Something just feels wrong about a website called "css-tricks" showing off an animation implemented using JavaScript. –  Quentin Mar 14 '10 at 13:43
Thanks, yeah kinda weird but I'm a fan of CSS Tricks. –  alexchenco Mar 14 '10 at 13:44

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