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In Unity, using C#, how do I detect a click anywhere in the screen, without attaching the script to an object?

To be specific, I am looking for individual clicks, not mouse downs.

e.g. the code below checks for mouse down, but I want clicks instead

// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {
    // 1
    Vector3 currentPosition = transform.position;
    // 2
    if( Input.GetButton("Fire1") ) {
                // Do something
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You have to attach a MonoBehaviour class to an object to get input. What is your definition of a "click" -- GetMouseUp within a timeframe from the last GetMouseDown? docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Input.GetMouseButtonUp.html –  Chris Jun 26 '14 at 6:09

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You are going to need a MonoBehaviour so that you can use the Update() function to your advantage. Just attach it to an empty GameObject, it is not uncommon for a game to have one empty GameObject that has a few scripts that handle certain things.

Check for GetMouseUp to count your clicks.

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