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I am doing SSH on the server, which is Ubuntu 14.04 server. I tried various things to keep the Node server running. But as soon as I type exit and disconnect the server from my Ubuntu Desktop the Node server is also disconnected. Though it is running on the server. When I SSH into the server I can access it.

I have tried these :

nohup node server.js & 

nohup node server.js > /dev/null 2> error.log < /dev/null &

sudo nohup supervisor server.js &

forever start server.js

Also I tried using tmux and screen. Its the same problem with all of these. As soon as I disconnect the SSH the node server is not available. But when I just login to the server, it is available again.

What am I missing?

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Though it is running on the server

seems to contradict

As soon I disconnect the ssh, it terminates

Are you doing anything special with your ssh session? ( like forwarding server port to a client ) How do you check if server is running?

Possible reasons:

1) You test using server's localhost when on server and server IP from client: check you are binding your server to "" address and not

2) You have some kind of port forwarding and connect to server vi client localhost:forvarded_port -> ssh -> server localhost:remote forward side port. - Checj you are listening on, that server IP is not blocked by firewall and try to access it via direct ip/port

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What I mean by though it is running on the server is, when I ssh into the server, even if I do not start the node server it is running. I can start accessing my application. When I disconnect SSH I can no more access the application. Server is in LAN. This server has a static IP. Tried accessing via both the LAN and static IP's. But it does not work. – Bhoomi Jun 26 '14 at 7:26
what do you mean by "accessing"? Browsing to a url with chrome? Telnetting to a port? Something else? – Andrey Sidorov Jun 26 '14 at 7:31
Yes browsing to the url with chrome. – Bhoomi Jun 26 '14 at 7:33

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