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I have got a text as Quantity 2 in this format .

How to extract number from the above variable .

I tried this way , but its displaing as NaN .

var lasth6= 'Quantity      2';
var number = parseInt(lasth6, 10);

This is my jsfiddle

Could anybody please help . how to do this ??

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4 – MKA Jun 26 '14 at 6:23
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You can remove non integer characters using:

.replace( /[^\d.]/g, '' )

and then using .parseInt():

parseInt(lasth6.replace( /[^\d.]/g, '' ), 10)

Working Demo

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Thank you very much . – Preethi Jain Jun 26 '14 at 6:24

You can use regex

var regex = /\d+/;



Simply you can replace all non digits with nothing.

alert(lasth6.replace(/^\D+/g, ''));


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^ showing negation of 0-9 number means anything rather than 0-9. 'g' stand for global replace.

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You can use split function for getting only integer part from string and then parse it as followed :

var id_attr_val = 71;
var lasth6= $("div#"+id_attr_val+".Topping-details h6:last").text(); // Quantity      2
var arr = lasth6.split('      ')
var number = parseInt(arr[arr.length - 1], 10);

here is the updated fiddle

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