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Does anybody know of a UI Control library for the .NET Micro Framework?

Doing everything from scratch is a real pain sometimes :p

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Well, for commercial solutions, you could try:

Rich Media Extensions for the .NET Micro Framework from Innobedded

Right View by BlueDev Ltd.

Other than those, there's some interesting links to other resources in this area, such as:

Widgets on Micro Framework on Elze Kool's blog

Micro XAML Tool by Jan Kučera

A blog post from Kevin Pfister regarding "Designing my .Net Micro Framework Widget Toolkit"

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Hongfeng Liu (of Microsoft China) created TinyGUI (original post in Chinese).

From the post by terrorgen on FEZZer.com:

The official UI library for Microsoft's .Net MF is WPF. For 320x240 LCDs, an extra 150K of RAM is needed to barely run the library. However, only the EMX module in GHI's products (>12MB user RAM) can offer the privilege. Also, since most .NET MF processors' main clock speed is around 72MHz, the official UI library is slower.

TinyGUI uses a technology similar to DirectDraw, which deals with display memory directly without requiring processor RAM. Therefore it's 3x - 5x faster as the author has claimed.

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This is another example of how I love Eastern ways of thinking... Just like me in so many ways :P This can actually make for a very malicious virii if used inappropriately :P –  Jay May 10 '12 at 15:42

innobedded.com have a Rich Media Extensions product.

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