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I'm trying to see samples of BlazeDs in my web brower as shown in the tutorial on this webpage.


After I have started tomcat i open the localhost link 8400/samples in my browser as shown below.After entering the url i get the following page in my browser..

BlazeDs Sample

After that i try to start the sample database according to the instructions given in a box at the starting of the webpage. After i run the specified command on my command prompt i get the following error message.. Prompt

I can't seem to understand the error.Even though i have set the JAVA_HOME variable as follows still i am getting this error..


Is this error due to firewall problem? or something else??

Please Help..

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java is not an internal command of cmd.exe.

As this command is without file extension and without full path, Windows searches first in current directory C:\blazeds\sampledb for java.* to find either java.com, java.exe, java.bat, java.cmd and some other file extensions.

The file extensions are defined in environment variable PATHEXT separated by semicolons which can be viewed in a command prompt window with command set PATHEXT

If there is no such file with file name java in current directory, Windows searches in all directories specified separated by semicolons in environment variable PATH. Entering just path or set path in a command prompt window results in a display of those directories. (set path lists the directories of PATH and the file extensions of PATHEXT as both environment variables start with the string "path".)

The environment variable JAVA_HOME is needed perhaps by the Java package itself and other applications, but is definitely not read by Windows to find an executable file with name java.

Search for the directory containing java.exe and append the directory of this file to PATH. On command line this can be done with:

PATH=%PATH%;Full path to directory containing java

Do not enter double quotes even if the full path to directory containing java.exe contains 1 or more space characters.

Or you run the java application with the command line

"Full path to directory\java.exe" -cp hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.Server
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