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Hi guys I have a Main Navigation Controller and a Tab Bar Controller, I have 4 Viewcontrollers and everything works fine. Now I have to open a ViewController from a Button Push Segue, the problem is that the Tabbar disappears once I do that. Is there a simple solution to solve this issue?

enter image description here

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If I remember correctly, the order has to be reversed. TabBar, then NavigationBar. And you inversed it. – Larme Jun 26 '14 at 7:31
This is because your TabBarController is in a navigation controller. Remove the TabBarController from navigation controller and add each tab item viewcontrollers inside navigation controller. – Akhilrajtr Jun 26 '14 at 7:32
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Make your TabBarController as InitialViewController and Embed your viewcontrollers with UINavigationController. This will not hide your Tabbar from bottom.

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Thanks @Yogesh Suthar, thats working =) – Musashi Jun 26 '14 at 7:45

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