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It is very strange, my css minifest file in development mode doesn't separate and becomes one file, and

  1. js files work properly, they are all separated
  2. css minifest files become one in development mode, but not compressed
  3. Rails 4 + Ruby 2.1.1

Here's my config in application.rb

# Enable the asset pipeline
config.assets.enabled = true

# Version of your assets, change this if you want to expire all your assets
config.assets.version = '2.1'

config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = true

and Here's my config in development.rb

# Do not compress assets
config.assets.compress = false

# Expands the lines which load the assets
config.assets.debug = true

config.assets.enabled = true

config.eager_load = false

I want to separate the css minifest file in development mode, how to achieve this?

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