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I am trying to view image in podview with a option to save the same image in current window.
'View image' option is in main window, and I want to save image from current window.

Image is visible but Save option is not working.


[ '~option3' => 'View Image' => sub {
                my $window1 = Prima::Window-> new (

                    text   => 'Image',
                    size   => [ 700, 500 ],
                    menuItems => [
                        [ '~Options' => [
                        [ '~Save Image', 'Alt+S', '@X', sub {

                        my $save = Prima::SaveDialog-> new(


                my $podview = $window1-> insert( 'Prima::PodView',
                    pack => { fill => 'both', expand => 1 },                
                $podview-> open_read;
                $podview-> read("=for podview <img src='img.png' cut=1>");
                $podview-> close_read;              
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Is this the full extent of your menu option's code? You need to add some code to respond to the save dialog. For example, PDL::Graphics::Prima lets a user save a plot to a postscript (github.com/run4flat/PDL-Graphics-Prima/blob/543794/lib/PDL/…) figure, but the SaveDialog is only useful for getting the desired filename (if none was supplied in the call to the function). –  David Mertens Jun 27 at 17:58

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