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everyone,I have a problem. I want to layout a view ( maybe a button) with fixed size. One inch with all android devices,not dp and not px . That is the needs of my customer. I use "1in" in the layout xml file.However it is not right, I measure it with a ruler. who can give me some help to sovle it?

On the other hand,I want to set it with code.I use densityDpi to caculcate the px first ,Most of the time,it is right,unless I find the dpi and the ppi of some devices are not same.
I have a android tablet.
9 inch
ppi=132 I use PPI=√(X2+Y2)/ Z (X:width pix;Y:height px;Z: inch of screen)

Then how can i get the ppi by code? I can not get the inch of screen when the application is running . I hopes there is anyother way to get my requirements. Thanks!

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Thanks for you reply! However, this method is based on the ppi and the dpi are same.Look at my tablet,they are different. –  user1451364 Jun 26 at 9:35
you have the screen pixels and you have the screen width in inches what more do you want? just a simple division will solve your issue –  Illegal Argument Jun 26 at 10:10
I have the screen width inches of my tablet,but i do not know others,so i need to know the way to caculater the screen width in inches when my application running –  user1451364 Jun 27 at 1:18

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