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I have a system that sends mail.

I have a system that receives mail.

I need to identify that a received mail correlates with the one the other system sent. The particular thing here is that either the subject or the body can be modified.

I thought on putting some hash in the header of the sent email, but I don't know where this could be added

Don't you have any clue?

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You need to supply a bit more details. What programming languages are you using for sending and receiving email? –  Oded Mar 14 '10 at 16:05
The language it doesn't matter, I can implement it in any language. What I need is the concept on how to do it. –  Neuquino Mar 15 '10 at 2:55

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As you did not supply enough detail for a language specific answer, I will explain the general approach.

You can add a custom header to your outbound email, using x-vendor-header style for the header (start with x- to mark it as an extension, then vendor- for your company and end with the header name. The can be a unique identifier for the email message.

You can look for this header in your inbound process to identify the message.

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I've finally found the solution:

Most email's servers support to put something after the username using '+' as separator. So I can encrypt some id and decrypt it when is replied looking on the from address.



I hope this can help someone else with the same problem

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